I got the website template from Start Bootstrap - Freelancer

Install instructions:

pip install -r requirements.txt
node install

To compile, run


Note that the CSS is done with Less, so edit the files in the less folder (instead of trying to change the CSS directly), and don’t forget to recompile.

Production setup

Symlink the nginx config to /etc/nginx/sites-available and /etc/nginx/sites-enabled, and symlink the sysctl .service config to /etc/systemd/system/. Make sure that the www-data user is in the right groups to be able to make the socket file in the directory pulled from git. Make sure that /var/log/ruthgracewong is accessible by the www-data user.

If everything looks like its working fine when you run it manually but doesn’t work under sysctl, you can try running it as the www-data user:

sudo -u www-data python


To renew your SSL cert:

certbot certonly --force-renewal -a webroot -w /var/www/ruthgrace -d -w /var/www/ruthgrace -d

to make sure nginx is reloaded after certs are renewed:

Restarting the web server on Ruth’s box

sudo systemctl restart ruthgracewong